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Miracle Valley, Arizona

This site deals with the remodeling and the restoration of Miracle Valley.

Included in it are pictures and progress reports as to the restoration of Miracle Valley.

When you think about, or hear the words "MIRACLE VALLEY," what comes to mind? 

If you said, "MIRACLES," "You’re right!" 

Evangelist A. A. Allen founded Miracle Valley in 1958 to train men and women to go into all the world preaching the gospel with signs following.

That legacy continues today with a fresh vision from God under the direction of Dr. Melvin Harter. 

Miracle Valley once again will be training men and women to go into all the world preaching the gospel with signs, wonders, and miracles. 

Once again, Miracle Valley will be a place of God’s presence, power and anointing - a place of revival to refresh God’s people, a place of healing,  a place from which revival will spread across our nation and around the world.

What role, if any, does Miracle Valley have in God's plans for people today?

Miracle Valley does have a vital role to play in the last day revival.

According to a prophesy given by Rev. Allen during a Mid-Winter Camp Meeting in January 1970, meetings that were held in the large tabernacle at Miracle Valley, the Spirit of the Lord declared that

"Miracle Valley will become desolate and forsaken; however, in the last days, God is going to send another people from the East, the West, the North, and the South. People He has chosen to come and restore Miracle Valley again.  At this great revival will start at Miracle Valley.  There will be greater miracles than there were in the late 1950s and 1960s.  The revival at Miracle Valley will spread around the entire world and at the height of this great last day world-wide revival, Jesus Christ will return for His Church.  Praise God!"

Dear Christian Friends,

The Church was born in a Holy Ghost Revival, and it is going to end in a Holy Ghost Revival. 

Jesus is not coming back for a cold, dead, lifeless, worldly Church.  He is coming for a Church that is committed and on-fire for Him.

The restoration process at Miracle Valley requires a great deal of finances, of which most are received by donations.

If you believe God would have you to be a part of the restoration of Miracle Valley, it would be most appreciative.  If you would like to become personally involved in helping to restore Miracle Valley, you can contact the Miracle Valley Office and request a special form for your completion.  We would love to have you join with us in our efforts of up-dating Miracle Valley and preparing the Bible College to send out anointed ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ into all the word.  Thank you and May God Richly Bless Each of You.

Please send donations to -

Miracle Valley Bible College - 9210 E. Miracle Valley Loop - Miracle Valley, Arizona 85615  USA

 or call (we accept credit cards)


Any and all financial gifts are tax-deductable.  We are a 501(c) 3 exempt organization registered with the United States Government.




Sorry it took me a while to get this email out.  But, here is the brief dream that I had.

In my dream it was probably between 12-1pm. At first I didn't know for sure where we were. But we were on the east-southeast side of the Assisted Living building walking toward the Tabernacle.

I kept meeting people as they were walking past me. Each person was being very courteous and polite. As the boys (Dr. Harter's two grandsons) walked in front of people, they would stop and say hello, pick up toys that the boys dropped or just say hello. It was like walking down a busy New York street except you felt a connection to most people even if you didn't know them personally.

The most unusual thing to me was the different types people as well as the different social economic backgrounds that most had come from.

As we walked I noticed how beautiful the area was around us. The landscaping was immaculate. The sidewalks and parking lots were nice, even the buildings were nicely painted and clean. It had a resemblance of a nice park, very calming and relaxing.

We continued around to the front of the Tabernacle where we noticed a very large picnic style table in front of the tabernacle. That is where Dr. Robinson yelled and asks us when we got into town.

I said we had just arrived, then I ask where Dr. Harter was.

He replied that you were in the office. So, I began to cross over toward where the office is now and then Dr. Robinson yelled at me saying, "He is at the new offices" and pointed down toward where the old fire department/garage is located.

That is when I noticed a really nice building. It matched all of the other structures and it was beautiful. It reminded me of an office complex you would see in an upscale business district or even a newly built bank building.

As I walked toward the building I noticed the campground was very green almost like the fields here in Tennessee. I had such a joy within knowing that Miracle Valley had finally reached the place that God has planned for it. That was when I woke.

I hope this will inspire others to join in prayer and financial support to see this come to pass. I have no doubt that this was a dream inspired by God. So, I will be making a donation to do my part in seeing this dream come to pass. I am doing this despite the fact that my business is strapped financially right now. But I know when I take care of what God's put on my heart He will take care of me.

As I am typing this email I feel so broken, knowing that there will be some that will feel God's tug at their heart to help. At the same time there will be others that will turn a deaf ear to it. If you decide to use this in your emails, please let everyone know that God will take care of His people when we take care of His business. I am living proof of that. I hope this will inspire someone.

God Bless

Wayne Ward

Technology Concepts "Your Technology Contractor"

7900 Wells Scenic View Lane

Knoxville, TN 37938

865-388-3054 (Telephone)   865-922-7313 (Fax)


If you would like to make a donation to Miracle Valley, click the following icon saying MAKE A DONATION.

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