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Removing the Roof

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Inside Tabernacle

The first thing done to the tabernacle was to removed previous constructed walls and open the tabernacle back up to how it looked when it was first constructed.  Many volunteers, of all age groups, pitched in and soon the walls were removed, diong away with the various 13 rooms that had been constructed inside the tabernacle.

Roof Material Needed

Dr. Harter has stepped out on faith, believing God for the material and funds for the restoration of the tabernacle.  The old roofing material was removed as well as the fake walls that were constructed in 1965.  The building is now ready for its new roof. 

Dr. Harter had no choice but to remove the existing roofing material that was initially put on the tabernacle in 1960.  The roofing material was never removed.  Additional roofing material was simply added until the roof structure was actually overloaded with it.  As you realize, a roof should never have more than a two built-up roof.  After this, the material should be removed and a new roof installed.  However, this never occurred in the case of the tabernacle.  For whatever reason, no old roofing material ever removed.

The taberancle must have a new roof immediately or it will be too far gone to restore it.  As everyone knows, sometimes a facility requires so much money to restore, that it become actually much cheaper to simply build a new building instead of trying to fix the old one up.  This was the direction that the tabernacle was heading.  Something must be done, and it must be done immediately.

Dr. Harter needs your help.  Please prayerfully consider making a donation to help purchase the roofing material.

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Replacing the Roof

See what God has done in the last few years.
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