From Harvey Russell
  This is my story.

Late one night in 1967, I decided to leave Miracle Valley, but before I could leave, it was like I needed permission.  I sought Pastor Wooten for council and prayer.  As usual Rev. Wooten understood as he talked to me, and we prayed.

As I pulled my car on Hwy 92 and headed east, I looked in my mirror to see Miracle Valley lights for the last time.  I felt the mind-cuffs loosen, and yet I kept looking in my mirror to see if Rev. Wooten had changed his mind and was chasing me down.  I felt free, free at last, and yet at the same time, I did not realize Miracle Valley would never leave me.

I felt I had escaped.  I was desperate to sort my Christianity, Miracle Valley, versus an immense desire for just a normal and comfortable life.  I felt I had to sort what was real and what was not real.  After all, I had married a beautiful girl from the Valley, and we had a new beautiful baby girl.  I had responsibility now.  I felt I had paid my dues, and I deserved normal and comfortable.  I wanted a place where my name did not start with Brother, and my wife’s name did not start with Sister.


I’ve been blessed, and yes, I’ve found the comfortable and normal life.  Oh sure, I hold all the values.  My Corporation is of high morals, and I give.  I give to street bums; I contribute when it’s convenient.  I even have gotten up early Sunday morning, to have coffee and donuts ready when the congregation arrives.  I work with Christian organizations.  I felt I had done all the right things for all the right reasons.

Recently, I had a week of Golf in Tucson. My brother Charles and I decided to visit Miracle Valley.  After all we had contributee, wished, and hoped that that ground would come back to its destiny.  As we drove, the desert felt comfortable as it holds a beauty that is all of its own.  Then we pulled into the Valley. 

It was too late to turn around.







Just let me leave, and call in the bulldozers, for I do not want to see anymore.  1967 came rushing back.  I needed to get back to golf.



Was this not the job of the big organizations like the Assembly’s or someone with a lot of resources and endless contributors? 

Did Dr. Harter not know this massive undertaking? 

Did Dr. Harter not know the endless legal battles, did he not know the whole world turns against you if you say “Miracle Valley Bible College.” 

We toured the grounds and had lunch with Dr. Harter and Roberta. 

So much has already been done, and it looked wonderful but what was left to do was overwhelming to me, and I am just a visitor.

We found two of the most sincere people that I have ever met. 

I thought I had seen blind faith, but this was off the charts. 

This humble man said, “God sent me here and God has not told me to leave.”  I’m thinking, “There goes logic.”



Then it came to me, maybe I could give up a little comfort. 

Maybe I could donate more. 

Maybe I could help restore a building, and maybe I could make a difference. 

Maybe I could take a chance, like my father and mother, actually step out on faith and stand with this man, Dr. Harter, who has given his own money, and seven years of his life. 

I believe with him that YES, we’re against all odds, but God’s plan never went with odds.

Maybe I could get off the side-lines and get involved more.

Miracle Valley was not founded upon logic, it was founded with deep faith, and a belief that a school was needed to send people to all parts of the world to spread the good news. 

Nothing logical explains why Dr. Harter would see the vision, except that the Holy of Holies called his name. 

I believe.

So, I ‘m standing with Dr. Harter, I pledge to do more. 

 I pledge to pray, support, and help any way that I can. 

I believe this land and these buildings are consecrated by our Savior, knowing he has walked that ground before, still is at this time, and I know He will continue to visit, for you see, I believe our Savior is familiar with the desert.

Most sincerely,

Harvey Russell 

(Denver, CO)

From M. J. Martin

Dear Reader:

This is an open letter to folks who want to see the Miracle Valley Bible College in southeast Arizona restored and maintained again.

Miracle Valley is now under the direction of Dr. Melvin Harter of Melvin Harter Ministries. Miracle Valley is in need of God-fearing, Bible-believing workers and supporters.

There are some people who are not able to work at Miracle Valley for one reason or another. Obviously, these people are not called to that work.  No doubt God has other work for them to do. However, there are some people who ARE CALLED to be at Miracle Valley.

I cannot imagine turning away from Dr. Harter at this time.  I am doing my best to help him stand.  Dr. Harter states that God has told him to go to Miracle Valley and build His College, and he (Dr. Harter) is standing on the promise that God will make the way for him.

Many things have come against Dr. Harter, and I must conclude that they are from Satan. And if they are from Satan, then Dr. Harter must be there at the orders of God.

I believe with all my heart that this is a time of testing the temper of the "Church", to prove us, that we might show forth our hearts. I believe Miracle Valley stands for that purpose, the testing our faith.  

I have informed Dr. Harter that he sits in the measuring half of the balance.  Miracle Valley is the weight in the balance by which the "Church" is to be weighed.  If the people of the Lord do not bring up the other half, then God has no people.  This is the test for this very country. This is the test for all time.

I have seen this now for about seven years. We are at the end of the testing period, and it looks to me like "all we like sheep have gone astray, we have turned everyone to his own way..." (…and you know the rest).

I'm making an effort to find a thousand people who will send Dr. Harter $2.00 a week or $9.00 a month to help him cover the monthly expenses at Miracle Valley so that the property will be brought up to date.  I hope to recruit others to recruit others one by one, two by two.  "You bring the one next to you, and I'll bring the one next to me."

There are those who can do more; however, I ask on behalf of Miracle Valley and on behalf of the deliverance ministry as was established by A. A. Allen that each of you allow the LORD to speak to you, and fill the baskets once again.  

Speak of this need to others.  If you are able, go to Miracle Valley. Dr. Harter and Mrs. Harter will always welcome each of you.

Please help me "bring them in".  Print and/or photo-copy this and distribute to others. Please pray much for Miracle Valley and the man God has placed there.  Address letters and offerings to –

Dr. Melvin Harter,  Miracle Valley Bible College and Seminary,  9210 East Miracle Valley Loop, Miracle Valley, Arizona  85615

I thank you for sharing with me in this burden for the work.

Martha Martin

From Sherman Grady
  Miracle Valley
By Sherman Grady

The Lord said He has set this Valley aside since the foundation of the world and that He is going to bring people from the North, South, East, and West to train them and send them out from this place. They will take the good news, the gospel to a lost and dying world followed by signs, wonders, and miracles.

Since time when this prophetic word was spoken, it has not been totally completed as of yet. It appears that in the past that Satan got the people to put their eyes on the miracles and off of the Miracle-Giver.

Now Jesus has said to you that you will restore what was started years ago. And you are currently doing just that.

He did not say it would be easy, but that He would be with you and He certainly has.

This is what the Lord gave me in a vision the last part of January 2007.



I saw Moses at the foot of the mountain looking up at the burning bush and saying he was going to turn aside to see this sight. As he did He had an encounter with the almighty God. As the Lord sent Moses to Egypt, He has sent Melvin and Roberta Harter to Miracle Valley Arizona.

He sent Moses with an authority; He has also sent you with an authority. Moses had authority over the things of the earth, and if you can believe it you have that same authority. The authorities in the days of Moses would not heed what the Lord said through him and they, as the nation of Egypt, suffered.



As I sent Moses I have sent you; as I gave Moses authority I have also given you authority. My work will be done in this Valley that I have set aside. Moses came against Pharaoh of Egypt; you are coming against those who want to control the Valley God has set aside for His purpose.

The Lord says as I sent plagues upon the land of Egypt I will send plagues upon them who do not heed to My voice.

As I bless those who blessed Abraham and curse those who curse Abraham I will do the same for you and Miracle Valley.

Continue to do what I ask you to do and you will see My Word is true.”

A servant of the Lord Jesus Christ by the will of God,
- Sherman Grady (Albuquerque, NM)


From Jerry Hensley

(February 7, 2007)


Presently, I am on my way to Virginia and Ohio. But let me tell you what happened before I left the Valley.

I want to be a blessing to Miracle Valley.  Since I do not have a lot of additional funds at the moment, I told Dr. Harter that I would move whatever he needed to or from Miracle Valley.  Anything I can do for Miracle Valley, I certainly want to do it.

Anyway, Dr. Harter needed his backhoe back at Miracle Valley.  It was then in Ohio.  I told him that I would move it for him.  Usually, Dr. Harter pays for my fuel and I donate my truck and time to take whatever he needs across the country.  Well, anyway, I knew Dr. Harter was doing his best to restore Miracle Valley, and that Miracle Valley did not have any extra funds even to pay for my fuel for this trip.  So I prayed and asked the Lord to bless me with enough money to pay for my own fuel to get the backhoe to Miracle Valley.

Nearly a year ago, I believed a certain company owed me some extra money; however, they refused to pay me.  After I had just prayed, asking the Lord to give me the designated funds that I knew I desperately needed to take care of the fuel costs, I received a letter in the mail.  It was from this particular company that owed me certain funds.  When I opened the envelope, to my utter amazement, it was exactly the designated amount that I had requested in prayer from God.  Oh, Hallelujah!  I delivered Dr. Harter's backhoe to Miracle Valley right on time.

However, if you are an "over-the-road truck driver", you will know that there are not too many loads going back to the east during the winter months.  I had searched for loads on the internet, but all to no avail.  I had been looking for freight in Arizona for at least two weeks and there was nothing. I really did not know what to do.  I needed $1,500 just to pay my fuel bill to get home.

While at the Valley, I shared with Dr. Harter my dilemma and requested prayer. 

Just before I was to leave the Valley, a few guys got in a circle. We all held hands and we prayed that I get a load.

Well, this morning, I saw a small partial going to Ohio paying $1500. I loaded it. It pays my fuel home.

But as I was leaving, the plant girl called me and asked if I can handle four more machines going to Virginia paying another $4300. I loaded it all. I told the lady (LandStar Agent) about us guys praying and she said, "I really like you Jerry." She said, "I was also praying for a load so that I can pay my bills" (She gets 7 %).

Isn’t that sweet?

The Lord answered two people’s prayers with one load.

Praise God, God still answers prayer.

Bye for now..


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