(Above photo is Dr. Harter preaching in the Miracle Valley Tabernacle)

Miracle Valley Bible College & Seminary was re-established in August 1999 by Dr. Melvin Harter and the Melvin Harter Ministries, Inc. from Columbus, Ohio. 

Founded initially as Miracle Valley Training Center in 1958 by the A. A. Allen Revivals, Inc., Dallas, Texas, the institution was renamed in 1961 to Miracle Valley Bible College by its first President, the Reverend A. A. Allen, at which time Miracle Valley Bible College attained veterans status in 1965. 

The Miracle Valley Bible College continued through 1975 as a two-year program with instructors Dr. Roy Gray and Rev. Bud Dunn, impacting hundreds of students for God.  The majority of these students went literally throughout the world, preaching and proclaiming that Jesus Christ is the Saviour of the world.  Their preaching was confirmed with numerous healings and miracles.  Thus, their ministry was according to Acts 2:33, "...which ye now see and hear." 

Southern Arizona Bible College (SABC), sponsored by the Hispanic Assemblies of God, assumed the Miracle Valley campus in 1976.  Spanish speaking students were trained in Christian ministry for 20 years at Miracle Valley. 

From 1996 through 1999, the Miracle Valley campus hosted various Christian conferences and special training sessions.  Individuals came to the campus from throughout the United States.

Miracle Valley’s original purpose was maintained throughout the last 50 years.  That purpose was, and continues to be, to provide biblical knowledge and practical training for those entering the Christian ministry. 

Today, Miracle Valley Bible College & Seminary continues as a Pentecostal educational center for equipping Spirit-anointed students to fulfill their God-ordained roles in Pastorship, Evangelism, World Missions, and other Christian ministries. 

Miracle Valley Bible College & Seminary, under the anointed leaderhsip of Dr. Melvin Harter, identifies its public service region as being generally conterminous with the geographic scope of the Pentecostal & Holiness Movement.

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