First real snow we have had in over 8 years


As many of you know, Sister Harter & I have been at Miracle Valley since August 1999. We have faithfully done everything possible to do what the Lord has called us to do. Over the past nearly 8 years, God has given us MIRACLE AFTER MIRACLE.   Miracle Valley requires a lot of money to keep its doors open.

There have been those (often times even ministers) who wonder "Who is backing us?"  When I tell them “GOD” they pat me on the back and say, “Who really is backing you?”  You see, sometimes even ministers do not have any faith to believe God.

Some think that since I had worked for the Swaggart Ministries back in the early 1990s that Jimmy Swaggart is backing me. Or that R. W. Schambach Ministries is behind me. Even though both of these great men are personal friends of mine, they do not back Miracle Valley with their finances. Still others refuse to believe when I try to explain to them that it is only GOD that backs this ministry.

Now many of you have faithfully supported this ministry with your finances and prayers, of which we are deeply grateful. Living at Miracle Valley has revealed to us that God never fails.

As you know, a year ago last December, when it appeared to be totally over for Miracle Valley and looked as though Miracle Valley would be sold at a Sheriff's Sale, God came through by having a man in California, whom we had never met, to wire into the Miracle Valley bank account $100,000. It was truly a miracle indeed.

I will never forget what I said to Sister Harter at the time. I said, “If God comes through for us, you will know that God has truly sent us to Miracle Valley.”

I also said, “We will know if Rev. A. A. Allen was truly a man of God or not because he prophesied that another people would come to Miracle Valley and that it would be restored again in the last days.”

Well, as you know - God gave us that financial MIRACLE.

Space does not allow me to go into detail. Perhaps some day, I will write a book of how God spoke to me to go to Miracle Valley and how God has stood by our side and made the way for us through every obstacle we incurred. O’ Hallelujah!

Throughout 2006, God gave us miracle after miracle each month. Our monthly budget is $40,000. Our Assisted Living Home brings in about $13,000 to $15,000 per month. God has to bring in the remaining difference each month.

A person doesn’t have to be too smart to figure that out. God has to bring in at least $25,000 a month in order for us to cover our monthly obligations. Our monthly payment of about $15,000 and monthly insurance premium of $5,000 tallies to $20,000 each month. That is one-half of our budget itself.

If we purchase any needed building supplies, or hire any additional workers (who work literally for small sums of wages), all of this is in addition to our existing monthly obligations of $40,000.

And Sister Harter & I have been doing this since the time we arrived at Miracle Valley. Of course, our budget has not always been $40,000. It actually started out at $10,000 a month and has increased every year since.

We have sold several real estate holdings and have put all the funds into Miracle Valley. Various “Friends of the Ministry” have donated and invested tremendous sums of money as well.

One brother up in Colorado gave a total of $55,000 to Miracle Valley just last year.

Another man out in Texas paid his tithe of $30,000 to Miracle Valley.

One woman back East borrowed $95,000 on her home and then financed her investment property as well for an additional $100,000 and supported Miracle Valley with these funds.

A dear brother in Christ up in Idaho made a sizable loan to Miracle Valley a few years ago with the conditions that only when Miracle Valley is on its feet and has its Charter School in full operation, then Miracle Valley could repay this loan at 6% interest.

Last March, Sister Harter informed me that we must have $47,500 on a certain date. Meanwhile, a particular company wanted to do something and offered me a contract. I met with them and read the contract. They offered me $47,500 - the exact amount that we needed at Miracle Valley. Of course, I signed the contract and had them to immediately wire these funds into the Miracle Valley Bank Account. So you see, God has stood by our side each month.

However, last month (January 2007) we lacked the funds to pay our payment. Yet, one young man who had attended some of our revival services heard of our dilemma.  He immediately wired us enough funds to help cover our payment. This money was literally the tax money he had laid aside from last year. What a precious Christian young man! It was all because he simply loves Jesus and he loves MIRACLE VALLEY.

Now, here I am again. Yes, I think of that song of some years ago, “It’s Me Again, Lord.”

I recently discovered that our dear friend, Larry Petree, has written some of our favorite songs. That song, “GOD LIKES TO WORK WHEN NOTHING ELSE WILL” has blessed our soul. Many times as we sing it, we have simply bawled and cried. You know what I mean. There is something down deep inside that stirs your heart, and you just can’t keep the tears from running down your face. But, O’ PRAISE GOD!

By the way, I invite you to go to Larry’s web site at and especially click on MP3 Sound Clips. You will be greatly blessed.

As I sit here this evening, I am faced with the financial dilemma again. I hold $1,374 in payroll checks that were due to be given out today; however, Sister Harter tells me we have no funds to back these checks. I must give the workers their checks no later than tomorrow (Saturday, February 3).

But you know, I awoke this morning with great faith in my heart.  I simply believe that God is going to do something for us regarding this special need.

And then our monthly payment, which was just lowered to $14,213.44 to be precise, was due Thursday, February 1 and must be paid no later than Monday, February 5 at 5 PM or it will be increased substantially. Again, there are no funds for this obligation. Yet, I am still believing God to send me these funds.

And then on June 1, our balloon payment is due. I had hoped that a particular loan company would grant us our new loan; however, I recently received word that since there is not adequate funds generated from Miracle Valley operations, but instead much was given in donations, they cannot grant a loan to us at this time. We are working diligently on seeking financing elsewhere; however again, we are racing against time.

Now why do I say all of this? It is because I also need your prayers. I know that somehow God is going to move again for Miracle Valley. Yet I feel that I must convey this urgent need to everyone of you because God uses people to support His work.

I realize that donations are usually down for months January & February. But nevertheless, monthly obligations continue.

The roofing material from the tabernacle has been completely removed. Certain roofing boards are currently being replaced. We have negotiated with a metal roofing company for a new metal roof for the tabernacle. They gave us a price of just under $23,000. This will be enough metal to cover the main sanctuary. Another roofing company faxed us their quote of $6,700 to put a torch-down roof over the large lobby of the tabernacle.

This means that for less $30,000 we can have a brand new roof on the entire tabernacle. [This does not include any roofing repairs on the large Prayer Tower.] There may be someone whom God is speaking to right now to send us these funds so a new roof can be installed on the tabernacle.

We have some Christian friends in Yuma, Arizona who have informed us they will help donate their time and labor in putting the new roof on this building. But we still need the roofing material.

For years, the tabernacle has had tremendous water leakage. This tabernacle has seen more miracles, healings and devils cast out than no doubt any other one building in the entire world. I know this has displeased the Lord greatly. But I also know that the Lord is pleased with what we are doing now in restoring the old tabernacle.

On February 20, we are attentively scheduled to have the State of Arizona inspect our childcare center. If passed, we will be granted our state license immediately.

In March, we will request our formal application from the State of Arizona for a Charter School at Miracle Valley.

Friends, we are so close to taking Miracle Valley over the top for God. However, we still need your prayers and support.

God is still actively moving at Miracle Valley. One brother who recently arrived at Miracle Valley said to me, “God spoke to me in Dallas, TX to come to Miracle Valley. I had just enough funds to purchase a bus ticket from Dallas to Benson, AZ. After that, I hitch-hiked my way to Miracle Valley, even though two nights forced me to sleep under a tree and in a ditch. But I knew God wanted me to come and help you restore Miracle Valley.” 

Have you ever seen someone dedicated enough to sleep outdoors in order to get to where God told them to go like this dear brother?  By the way, this brother is one of the best workers we have at Miracle Valley.

Two families, in their motor homes, just arrived at Miracle Valley. The Lord had spoken to them to come and help us for a month or so.

We were informed that another family left the State of Indiana today and are on their way to Miracle Valley. They are scheduled to arrive next Tuesday. They are donating two weeks to help restore Miracle Valley.

A minister just telephoned to say that the Lord has spoken to he and his wife and they plan to arrive at Miracle Valley in ten days. They too are coming to help work at Miracle Valley. So you see, God is doing something at Miracle Valley.

So I know that God will work again for us in our finances. All that I am asking you is for you to pray and ask God if He would have you to make a financial donation to Miracle Valley.

If not, you have nothing to be concerned with. BUT I DO KNOW THAT THERE IS SOMEONE WHOM THE LORD IS SPEAKING TO RIGHT NOW TO HELP US. God has blessed you so now you can be a blessing to God’s work at Miracle Valley.

Remember, we need these funds immediately. Please telephone Sister Harter at 520-366-5559 right now. We desperately need your financial help.

Together, we are restoring Miracle Valley to where God wants it to be again. 

It does not matter the amount of your donation.  If all you can give is $20, then do it because if everyone who received this email just gave Miracle Valley $20, there would be adequate funds to take care of this obligation.

Listen friends, a dear brother Harvey Russell spent a considerable amount of money in sending a special letter regarding Miracle Valley to many of you about a month ago.  A returned envelop was placed with each letter.  Many telephoned and said they had received their letter and what a fine letter it was.  However, the fact remains that very little money came in from those letters. 

If just each person had put in that return envelop a $20 donation, do you realize that nearly $50,000 would have been donated to Miracle Valley?  Will you please do your best to help us today?  I know God will God bless you greatly.

In the Service of the King,

Dr. Melvin Harter





We are just a few weeks from our balloon payment.  Nevertheless, we continue to believe that God is going to make the way for us.  Somehow, God will make the way, so we are not discouraged at all.

But we still need your prayers.  Will you join with us in prayer that God will intervene for Miracle Valley? 

We need additional funds to put new metal roofs on all of the remaining buildings. 

All we know to do after we have done all we can do is to simply pray and see the salvation of the Lord.  Please join with us in prayer.

Prayer is offered each evening as well as throughout the day at Miracle Valley.  Several are fasting each week.  Many individuals at Miracle Valley are very sincere with God.  We are believing that God is going to honor our prayers and fasting and move for Miracle Valley. 

One brother in the Lord has just completed his 40 days of fasting.  He has done this without eating any food, only drinking water.  This was a 40 day fast FOR MIRACLE VALLEY! 

Will you pray with us?


If you would like to make a donation to Miracle Valley, you can click the following icon saying, MAKE A DONATION .  It is very easy to do.

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