Would you like to be a part of the restoration of Miracle Valley?

Miracle Valley was founded in 1958 by Evangelist A. A. Allen. It initially consisted of several miles of real estate and comprised of a sub-division, Bible College, World Headquarters, printing shop, recording studio, prayer tower, and etc.

Since the death of Rev. Allen in 1970, much of the property was sold with monies going to the Don Stewart Evangelistic Orgranization located in Phoenix, Arizona. In the mid 1970s, all that was left of Allen's Miracle Valley was the college campus consisting of nearly 80 acres. The remaining property was not maintained and it began to deteriate.

In the late 1990s, God called Dr. Melvin Harter to restore Miracle Valley.

Melvin Harter Ministries purchased what remained of Allen's original Miracle Valley and immediately re-established Miracle Valley Bible College Seminary.

Water and sewer lines were replaced by Harter. Allen's Pool of Bethesda was remodeled into an Assisted Living Home, as was the last building that Allen constructed in 1969. This building, initially used as Sunday School facilities was remodeled as a Childcare Center.

Future plans call for a special Home to be established for Retired Ministers and returning Missionaries, people who have spent their lives for God in ministry. In addition, a new modern Charter School is planned to start in 2008 in what was Allen's grade school facilities where he established a school with grades K-12.

Dr. Harter stepped out on faith, believing God to meet the financial needs of Miracle Valley. Since 1999, God has proven Himself time after time to be faithful. There is a real excitement regarding what God is doing currently at Miracle Valley. Prayerfully consider making a special donation for the RESTORATION OF MIRACLE VALLEY.

God richly bless you.

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