Miracle Valley consists of a beautiful campus where God's love is expressed to everyone present.

The Assisted Living Home requires a new metal roof. The roof in the above photo is an original roof material going back to the 1960s. Even the existing five swamp coolers (coolant systems common in the Southwest) are very old and need to be up-dated.

Louie (a dear Christian brother-in-the-Lord from Tucson, Arizona)  volunteers his time to lay the brick in this wall.  A new exit door and window will replace the old window air-conditioner and the sliding glass doors that were placed here by previous owners.

Here is a view of the southeast corner of the Assisted Living Home.  Special landscape blocks have been installed around the perimeter of yard.  

Here is another view of the south side of the Assisted Living Home.  As you notice, the old roofing material was comprised of tar and gravel.

Here is a large pile of gravel that was removed from the roof of the Assisted Living Home.

Hello everyone. My name is Joe and I do landscaping work here at Miracle Valley. We have a lot of bushes to trim, grass to mow, and a lot of other things to do as well. I invite you to come on down to Miracle Valley and help us out. We would certainly appreciate it very much.

Matthew Newton is helping Joe out by cleaning up the general grounds around the Miracle Valley Assisted Living Home. For you who are interested in our Assisted Living Home, you can call 520-366-5559. We would love to have you.

Hello. My name is Zeb Simmons. I am from Tellohoma, Tennessee. I felt the Lord wanted my wife and I to come to Miracle Valley and help Dr. Harter with the work here. We could really use more help here. Miracle Valley is a big place and it requires a lot of workers.

Even though I am 70 years old, and not in the greatest of health, God has greatly blessed me. When I was back home in Tennessee, why I couldn't even walk a few feet. Just to go out and get my mail out of the mail box required me to sit down and take my rest. But since I have been at Miracle Valley, God has blessed me and I am walking all over the place. Can you believe it? I am even trimming some bushes behind the Assisted Living Home.

These bushes are very large and it is taking a lot of work to get them trimmed down to size.  But, nevertheless, we are moving forward here at Miracle Valley.  One of our theme songs is "We'll Work Til Jesus Comes."  Yes, we are all praying, COME QUICKLY DEAR LORD JESUS!

The workers remove the swamp coolers from the roof. Meanwhile, other workers are scattered throughout the property doing other tasks that must be accomplished.

The bad wood is removed from the porch of the Assisted Living Home.  The swamp coolers are quite large.  It takes several workers to remove them. The plan is to clean this roof, replace any wood material that is necessary, remove all the swamp coolers, and then install a new central heating and cooling system.

The workers use ropes to guide the old swamp cooler down the ladder. Several of the swamp coolers are already on the ground.

The swamp coolers were cut from their base on the roof.  The metal duct work where the swamp coolers were will be sealed off.  Following this, new wood will be installed to cover the existing hole in the roof that once held the swamp coolers.

Even though the swamp coolers are rather old, they are still useful and will be utilized in other places on the property such as the garage and fire station.

The interior of the Assisted Living Home was remodeled in 2002.  However, there remain four major leaks that continued in the ceilings.  The swamp coolers were no longer practical to be used.

The removal of the swamp coolers is nearly complete.  A new furnace was recently installed.  The new furnace is designed to have an A/C connected to it.  Soon this building will have central air throughout the home.

The swamp coolers are removed.  The roof is being prepared for new metal roofing material.  Some of the old roofing sub-base has been replaced.  This new roof structure should last for another 50 years.   

The bad sub-board was replaced.  New heavy duty felt paper is laid on the roof structure.  Twently foot metal runs are securely screwed every eighteen inches into the main beams of the building.  The new metal roofing material is then srewed on to the metal runs.  This gives the needed support to insure the new metal roofi will not be blown off by a high wind. 

Metal roofing was order to the proper length of the roof.  Even though each piece is very long, it enables the workers to place one piece of metal roofing that will start at the top and then extend to the end of the roof structure over the porch area.  This prevents any metal roof having to overlap another section.

The metal roofing material is nearly completed on the south side of the Assisted Living Home.  The north side will be under way shortly.

The above photo shows the north side of the Assisted Living Home.  The new metal roofing material covers nearly one-half of the roof structure.  Soon the entire roof will be finished.

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