Hello, I'm Dan Sloan, missionary from Seoul, South Korea.  A few months ago, I was viewing a Charisma Magazine.  While looking through it, I came across a full page advertisement that spoke of Miracle Valley being restored.  For whatever reason, I kept being drawn to that advertisement like a bug is to light.  I couldn't get it out of my mind.  It was like the Spirit of God kept drawing me to it. 

I needed a break from my work in South Korea and felt the Lord would have me to go to Miracle Valley and volunteer one month of my time and make a donation of $1000.  I contacted Dr. Harter and arrangements were soon made for my arrival at Miracle Valley.  It was the most exciting time of my life.  I knew I was in God's will to be at Miracle Valley. 

I am not an expert at construction, but I volunteered to do whatever I could.  I just want to be a part of the restoration of Miracle Valley. They put me right to work.  Praise God!

By the way, while God at Miracle Valley, God spoke to me again and instead of making a donation of $1000, God told me to give $2600.  As a result, I have truly been blessed of the Lord.  Hallelujah!

I want to encourage you to go to Miracle Valley, especially if the Lord has laid it upon your heart.  God bless you.


The apartments were constructed in the mid 1960s.  Forty-five years later, they are being completely remodeled.  This means that new 2x4 walls must be constructed along the perimeter of the outside walls.  In addtion, 2x2s are screwed into the ceiling beams. 

Insulation will be placed in the new walls and ceiling, along with a new electrical panel and wiring throughout.


Since new up-to-date electrical wiring must be installed throughout each apartment and the bathrooms are extended a few more feet, all of the existing drywall must be removed from each apartment.

As the existing drywall is removed, the wall furnace is removed as well.  A new heating and air-conditioning system will  be installed.


Since the 2x2's are screwed onto the existing ceiling beams, this allows ample space for the new electrical wiring to be installed as well as R38 insulation. 

Remodeling these apartments will enhance the living quarters of those who are to live here. 

Each apartment will be more comfortable to live in when it is completely insulated.  This guarantees a proper 24-hour temperature setting for heating and cooling.


Hello everyone.  My name is Trent Howland.  I am from Jackson, Michigan.  I build houses back home and make my living from it.

When we heard about Miracle Valley, my wife & I felt that we should come and help Dr. Harter.  We were blessed to be in a Christian setting. 

If you can, I hope you will come and devoted some of your time in the restoration of Miracle Valley.  


God bless you all!  My name is Rev. Elias Moreno and I am from the State of Washington. I am also an ordained minister with the Pentecostal Holiness Church. 

God has put Miracle Valley in my heart.  Back in 1976, God gave me a vision regarding Miracle Valley and that I was to be here. 

Now God has made the way for my wife and I to help at Miracle Valley.  Even though I am presently a diabete, I believe this is where God has placed me.  I believe that God will give me total healing of my body as I am here.

I invite you to pray about coming to Miracle Valley as well and be a part of its restoration.  God is certainly here and moving in a marvelous way.  

Missionary Dan Sloan from South Korea has removed the existing drywall and is now disconnecting the old wiring.


Hello.  My name is Joe.  I live in one of the trailers in the trailer park here at Miracle Valley.  I am helping out with the electric wiring.  Here you can see me stringing the new electrical wiring through the new 2x4 wall.  We leave the old wire in the concrete and run the new wire through the new walls that are being put up.

Sure hope you can come down and give us a hand.  There are nine apartments in just this one apartment unit, and we need all the help we can get.


Missionary Dan Sloan, Bob, Leroy and Rev. Elias Moreno are seen here measuring and cutting the correct pieces of 5/8 inch sheet rock.

The sheet rock is fire-coded.  This will help guarantee that should a fire occur, it can be prevented from spreading into another apartment. 


I'm Leroy Old Man Chief.  Yes, that is my name, so don't laugh.  I am a full-blooded Indian from the Blackfeet Reservation in Billings, Montana.  God directed me to come to Miracle Valley and attend Bible College. 

Since I did not have enough finances to pay my way, Miracle Valley has allowed me to be on the Work-Study Program. 

I have been here at Miracle Valley for about three years now.  Part of my job while being here is helping with the remodeling on these apartments.  I cut the sheetrock and help screw it to the wall.

If you have a desire to go to Bible College, but do not have enough financial resources to go, why not take a look at Miracle Valley Bible College?  They have an excellent work-study program that just very well may work for you. 

This is Leroy Old Man Chief, one of the students at Miracle Valley Bible College and Rev. Elias Moreno.  They are cutting some long pieces of the sheetrock that will soon be attached to a wall in the apartment.  They are being a part of the restoration of Miracle Valley. 

It takes two people to hang the drywall.  Here Leroy and Rev. Moreno are preparing to screw the sheetrock onto the wall.


Hello.  My name is Melvin Harter.  No, I am not Dr. Melvin Harter.  He is my father. 

I came down here to Miracle Valley from Columbus, Ohio to help my parents with the restoration of Miracle Valley.  My plan is to stay here during these three months in the winter time, after which I must return back to Ohio.

I really enjoy helping out down here.  Perhaps you can spend your winters here at Miracle Valley as well.  There is a lot to do so you won't have to worry about getting bored.

This is Fred and Melvin hanging sheetrock in the apartment.  They could sure use your help.  Why not prayerfully consider coming down and giving us a helping hand? 


Hello everyone.  It is me, Melvin again.  I have to bust out some drywall and replace it.  One thing about it, we certainly want to do everything right. 

We try not to make too many mistakes, but if we do, we do our best to correct it. 

I hope you can come to Miracle Valley and help out with some of the work.  There is a lot of things to be done, especially when it has not been up-dated for a long time. 

Bring your hammer and some tools and come on down to Miracle Valley.


Hi.  I'm Fred.  I am retired, live by myself and I am from the great State of Iowa.  I bought a house across the highway over in the Miracle Valley Sub-division.  I spend my winters here in Arizona and then go back home to Iowa when the weather warms up.

I try to go to the Church here at Miracle Valley whenever I can.  I really love Brother & Sister Harter and I believe God has sent them here to restore Miracle Valley Bible College. 

I come over to the Bible College and try to help out whenever I can. 

This month, I help cut the boards, help with the sheetrock, and try to clean up the messes at the end of the day.  It can be a tough job, but I really enjoy being with everyone here and also just knowing that I can help with the restoration of Miracle Valley. 

It would be wonderful if you could come down and help us.  I know Dr. Harter would really appreciate it.

Let's see now.  What goes where?  humm.

O, there it is.  Now I know where to put that screw. 

Thank you, Jesus!


The sheetrock is up.  The joints have been taped and mudded. What a messy job!


And I thought it was easy.  What an understatement of the year!  Sanding the drywall is real tough.  We could use your help.  Hear the Macedonian Call and "Come and help us."


Hello.  I am Jessica Dorsey.  I have to take these safety glasses off.  I can't see out of them any more.

Can you believe that I am a young bride.  Yes, my husband Curtis Dorsey came to Miracle Valley in 2000 and graduated from Miracle Valley Christian High School.  He talked a lot about the Harters and Miracle Valley.  He told me how much he loved it here, so we left Columbus, Ohio and relocated here to Miracle Valley, Arizona.

I can tell you that the weather is much nicer here than it is back home.  That is, especially in the winter time.

We invite everyone to come and help us out here at Miracle Valley.  I know you will love it here so come on down!


Hi.  My name is Lindsay Harter.  I am Melvin's wife.  This is Bob working with us today.  We are involved in sanding the walls.  When we are finished, we look like a mess, but you know, we have lots of fun through it all.

We really do need your help here at Miracle Valley.  I know God wants this place to be restored and there is so much to do.  I really don't know how Melvin's parents have made it thus far.  It certainly must be the hand of the Lord that is guiding them. 

I know God brought us here.  We prayed about coming or not and we really felt the Lord wanted us to come to Miracle Valley and help out with the remodeling. 

How about you?  Why don't you come down to Miracle Valley and help out as well?  We really do need your help and besides that, God is really here.  We can feel His presence everyday.

God bless you! 


The drywall is nearly completed.  We still have to replace the rear exit door. 

Soon this apartment will be ready for paint.  Do we have any painters?  

If you can paint, then plan to come to Miracle Valley, Arizona.  We are trying to restore the buildings here on the campus of the Miracle Valley Bible College and we really need all the help we can get.  


This is the kitchen area.  We have removed the hot water tank that was in the corner on your right and relocated it outside.  A new electrical panel was installed.  All of the new electrical wiring is completed for this apartment.  We have insulated both the walls and the ceiling and then installed the fire-coded sheetrock.  It is all coming together.  Praise God!

All we need now are the new kitchen cabinets and floor tile and it will soon be completed.  We have just completed painting this apartment.


The lights and cabinets are now installed in Apartment 8. This kitchen is really beautiful. 

A beautiful stackable washer and dryer combination will be placed on the right side of the cabinets.

Here is another angle of the kitchen.  There is a place for a modern refrigerator and electrical range.  All we need now is tile for the floor.


Here is a close-up view of the kitchen cabinets. 

Sister Harter wanted to be sure there was ample cabinet space.  She says that this is really importan to women. 

Since she is a woman, we are sure she knows what she is talking about. 

Here is a better close-up view where the new refrigerator and electrical range will be installed.

Stucco has been put on the ceilings, the lights are in, and the kitchen cabinets are completed for Apartment 8.


Hi all.  I'm Dee Malone, the woman plumber.  (Don't get smart, we women can do plumbing too.) 

I live in the general area and attend the Miracle Valley Church. 

I wanted to make a contribution to Miracle Valley as well.  So I told Dr. Harter that I would complete the plumbing on the apartment. 

Here you can see me installing the wall tile that surrounds the tub.

I hope that God will touch the heart of some of you plumbers out there who are reading this so you will come down to Miracle Valley, Arizona and help Dr. Harter.

We all need your help.  Pray about coming and helping us. 


Dee Malone has the bathroom nearly completed.  All that remains is floor tile and a vanity to be installed into the wall.

You have to admit, this bathroom is a major change from what it was originally.


Here is another picture of the newly remodeled bathroom in Apartment 8. 

It is very beautiful and anyone living here will thoroughly enjoy it. 

The bathroom was expanded to give it additional square footage which really helps so it is not so crowded as it was before.


A new front insulated metal door has been installed.  The apartment has been completely remodeled and painted.

All that this apartment lacks is the new carpet.

However, we are currently out of money and we desperately need additional funds to purchase and install the carpet.

The floor tile has already been installed and looks lovely.

Telephone and television connections have been placed into the walls.  Everything is nearly completed in Apartment 8. 

Here is another picture of Apartment 8.  You can see the new bathroom door on your right.


You can see the new light fixture installed in the ceiling.

We hve also placed a light over the entrance of the door.  This is very helpful, especially in the night-time.

Although not seen in this picture, new flooring tile has been installed at the entrance of the front door.  It is very beautiful.


Here is another picture of the entrance way of Apartment 8.

Apartment 6 and 9 are about 75% complete.  We still need your help. 

Apartments 1-5 and 7 still need major renovation.  If you can help us in any way whether it is volunteering some of your time, or making a financial donation, it would be greatly appreciated.


We do want to stop here and thank all the people who helped remodel Apartment 8 and who helped us with Apartments 6 & 9 as well.

You have volunteered, worked hard, gave of your finances, and spoke words of encouragement.

To you we say, THANK YOU so very much from the bottom of our hearts. 

God richly bless each of you.

- Dr. & Mrs. Harter

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