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Please visit one of the many web sites that we have available.  God bless you. - Dr. Harter

  • Miracle Valley
    This site informs the viewer of what God is currently doing at Miracle Valley.

  • Childcare Center
    Founded and established by Dr. & Mrs. Harter in March 2007, this web site shares information regarding the programs and policies for those parents who are interested in enrolling their child(ren) in the childcare center at Miracle Valley.

  • Dr. Melvin Harter
    This web site gives the reader information regarding the life and ministry of Dr. & Mrs. Melvin Harter, individuals whom the Lord spoke to go to Miracle Valley and build His Bible College.  The Harters have been in full-time ministry their entire life.  They have served as evangelist, pastor, church administrator, tent evangelist, college professor, and writer.

  • Assisted Living Home
    Established by Dr. & Mrs. Harter as an Assisted Living Home to provide assistance to our elderly folks.

  • Pentecostal Preaching
    This web site was established by Dr. Harter as a means to promote classical Pentecostal preaching.  The site provides pictures, sermons and songs as they relate to the Pentecostal experience.

  • Miracle Valley Archives
    Developed by Dr. Harter and the Miracle Valley Bible College & Seminary as a means to share historical documents and artifacts regarding the life and ministry of Rev.  & Mrs. A. A  Allen as well as the history of Miracle Valley.

  • Bible College & Seminary
    Re-established as Miracle Valley Bible College & Seminary by Dr. Melvin Harter in 1999, this web site provides information to those individuals who are interested in developing a full-time ministry in the context of the Pentecostal Church.  Emphasis is given to those Christians who have a call of God upon their life to become a Pastor, an Evangelist, a Missionary, or a full-time Christian worker.

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