God is working for Miracle Valley!

The tabernacle is being updated.

We would appreciate all the help and materials we can get. Together we are refurbishing the tabernacle.

Hear the Macedonian Call today and come on down and HELP us.
Call (520) 366-5559 right now!

"Where He leads me, I will follow."(b)

Sister Harter & Stacy Howland
Sister Harter & Stacy Howland are in the tabernacle's sanctuary. Stacy is from Jackson, Michigan. She has come to help out at Miracle Valley.

Brent Howland & Ken Barnes
Ken Barnes, the electrician, is standing beside Trent. They are ready to start installing new electrical wiring in the Tabernacle.

Marilee working
Marilee White, a retired college professor from the University of Wisconsin, is removing the existing drywall from the interior of the Tabernacle. She loves Miracle Valley and has even written a song about Miracle Valley.

Melissa Ellis

Melissa Ellis moved to Miracle Valley from Carson City, Nevada. She has a real love for Miracle Valley. Here, she is seen removing the lumber from the Tabernacle.

Tim Ellis

Tim Ellis is removing the existing 2x4's so they can be used somewhere else.

Melissa Ellis
Hi everyone. I'm Melissa Ellis and I am working very hard to remove this pile of lumber. Why don't you come down and help us out. We would really appreciate it. God bless you.

Miracle Valley Tabernacle Furnace room Inside the Tabernacle
(1) Here is a picture of the front of the tabernacle that was recently taken. (2) Dr. Harter had the old furnaces removed. You can see the underground duct work where the gas furnaces were originally placed. Miracle Revival Center Church gave an offering of $5,600 to Dr. Harter when he preached a week-end revival there. That was the exact amount needed for Dr. Harter to obtain new furnaces for the tabernacle. These furnaces were discounted to Miracle Valley from Jim’s Pay & Save located in Circleville, Ohio. (3) The old mural remains on the wall where Allen had his platform and ramp located. Dr. Harter plans to have the mural touched up and fully restored.

Inside Tabernacle inside7 inside8
Here are pictures of the inside of the tabernacle. The previous owners had constructed 13 rooms in this facility. Dr. Harter felt that the Spirit of God wanted him to remove the existing walls and open the tabernacle back up as it was in A. A. Allen’s time.

Inside Tabernacle inside3 inside6
Here are some more pictures of the interior of the tabernacle. You can see the sun shining through the ceiling. The entire roof was removed and a new metal roof must be put on the building. Currently, Dr. Harter has no funds to obtain the roofing material. Nevertheless, Dr. Harter believes God will send the $30,000 that is needed in order to obtain the roofing material for the tabernacle.

Tabernacle Interior look of the Tabernacle Inside5
Here are some pictures of the interior of the tabernacle when looking at it from the original platform. You can see the lobby and the windows that were recently installed. The tabernacle should be able to seat between 2500-3000 people comfortably; however, in A. A. Allen’s day, it is said that nearly 5,000 were packed into the tabernacle as miracles, signs and wonders occurred. Of course, Allen put his wooden gospel tent chairs in the tabernacle during his special Camp Meetings days that were held twice a year and which lasted more than four weeks each time. What you see under the blue tarp is lumber that Dr. Harter purchased from donations received.

inside4 inside2 window8
Here is a picture of each side of the rear of the tabernacle. Through the three glass double doors is the vast lobby and restroom area. On the right side, you can see one of the original large glass windows. Dr. Harter had the concrete block installed so the window could be placed back where it was originally.

window1" window2 window3
These two large glass windows were discovered in Allen’s big garage that is located at the rear of the campus. These glass windows were placed in the garage some 25 years ago. It is, no doubt, a MIRACLE that these windows were not destroyed. Other glass windows and items were totally destroyed when placed in the same area. It is as though that God had dispatched His angels to give protection to these original glass windows that were removed from the Allen tabernacle years ago.

window4 window6 window7
Previous owners cut doorways, and then closed up the wall where the windows were originally located. Dr. Harter had the doorway blocked up and then had the windows installed. A dear brother from Columbus, Ohio installed the windows for Dr. Harter.

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