THIS BUILDING WILL SOON BE UP-DATED and be a valuable asset for the work of the Lord in the years to come.

The Administration Building was built in 1958 and was one of the early buildings constructed by Rev. A. A. Allen. It was used as many things in the early days, even to the point of providing overnight guest accommodations. Shortly later, it was converted into the Administrative Offices of Miracle Valley Bible College.

Dr. Harter states, “We are fortunate to have these buildings today. Due especially to the climate in southern Arizona, the buildings have seen very little corrosion due to age. It is as though the Lord has enabled the weather to help preserve these buildings."

Because this building is the first building a visitor comes to when driving onto the campus, being a highly visible structure, it important that it look modern and up-to-date. It must be a fully functional structure that is an asset to the Bible College and other functions that transpire on campus.

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THE LOBBY – Special insulation panels were purchased to fit in between the beams in the ceiling. This allows the beams to remain exposed in the lobby area.

The exterior wall has been insulated and sheet-rocked. The spackling is ready to be sanded. Soon the wall will be ready for paint.

Those volunteers helping in this project are Evangelist Ray Knapp from Huntington, WV; Don Thompson from Columbus, OH; and Norman Kinsey of Spencerville, IN.

All of these individuals have given their time and money to come and volunteer in the restoration of Miracle Valley.

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Ishmael and Dr. Robinson bring in another sheet of drywall that will be put on the ceiling in the Dean’s Office.

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The four by eight sheet of drywall is lifted up to the scaffling.

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Dr. Robinson lifts the drywall up to the ceiling.

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Joe quickly screws the drywall to the wood strips that have been screwed into the main beams of the ceiling, thus securing the drywall to the ceiling.

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Dr. Robinson uses his shoulder to hold the drywall against the ceiling while Joe quickly screws it to the ceiling.

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Every one has a part in the remodeling of the Administration Building. The Dean’s Office is being dry walled in the above pictures. Soon every office will be completed and modernized. This office building will soon be up-dated so workers will have a comfortable place to do their work for Miracle Valley.

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Another office will soon be dry walled. Just a few more rooms to do and then begins the spackling.
Pictured above is Nathan Harter and Don Thompson preparing to spackle the Assistant Administrative Office.

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