THIS BUILDING WILL BE A MODERN BUILDING where property temperature can be controlled for the workers regardless of the year.

For many years, the office workers have had to plug in electric heaters, or wear coats, and sometimes put blankets around them, in order to keep warm, especially when the sun has gone down, or when it is early in the morning. During the warm part of the day, many workers tend to become tired and sleepy because it is so warm in the building.

Dr. Harter knows this infringes upon the quality of God’s work that must be accomplished at Miracle Valley. He has taken every measure to insure that proper temperature settings will be maintained, thus enabling every worker to do his/her best in productivity.

Because this building had no insulation since its construction in 1958 by the founder of Miracle Valley, the Rev. A. A. Allen, utility costs have become very high. Now with proper insulation and modernization of the building, utility costs are projected to drastically drop, thus saving many dollars of God’s money and allowing it to be utilized in other areas of ministry.

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The Main Lobby has just been insulated and new drywall has been installed. In order to preserve the ceiling beams, a Styrofoam insulation was utilized, allowing the new drywall to be placed much closer to the ceiling, thus exposing the beautiful wood beams to the viewer.

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Miracle Valley has a great need for office space. In order to obtain these extra offices, new wood stud walls were constructed between those rooms where they had previously been removed.

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Wood stud walls are erected along all of the exterior walls inside the building. Additional electrical outlets are installed where needed. R-19 insulation is installed in the walls in order to have the Administration Building properly insulated.

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Wood strips are screwed into each beam. R-38 insulation is installed in the ceiling area, thus helping us to maintain control of the temperature that comes through the roof area.

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Every part of the ceiling and walls are securely insulated. There are to be no gaps in any area. This requires the workers to often times cut smaller strips of insulation so it can be placed in narrower areas.

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The insulation is nearly completed. Just a few more rooms to do.

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The Administration Building is now ready for drywall. Dr. Dennis Robinson. Dean of Miracle Valley Bible College, begins the process of installing some of the drywall in the Receptionist’s Office.
[By the way, Dr. Robinson states he was never taught this back when he attended Bible College.]

Volunteers from Yuma, AZ Juan Magana, Robert Jr. & Robert Mendez15

(Photo on Left) The volunteers from Yuma, AZ came to work, and work they did. God bless everyone of them.

(Photo on Right) Juan Magana, Robert Mendez, Jr. and Robert Mendez, Sr.

Juan Magana and Robert Mendez are partners in ownership of Agapa Insulation Company, a Christian company located in Yuma, Arizona.

Dr. & Mrs. Harter with Rev. Elias Moreno standing beside Dr. Harter
We wish to especially thank the International Pentecostal Holiness Church in Yuma, Arizona where Elias Moreno is the pastor for their traveling some six hours drive one-way and devoting several days of hard labor at Miracle Valley.

We also wish to thank the owners of Agapa Insulation Company - Robert Mendez & Juan Magana, for making a wonderful donation of several thousand dollars of insulation. Nearly all of the insulation that is going into the Administration Building was donated by Agapa Insulation.

Agapa Insulation Company is located in Yuma, AZ 85364. For all of your insulation needs, please call Agapa Insulation at 928-726-2022. Or call them and let them know you appreciate their donation to Miracle Valley.


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